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Job Introduction
Wonik Materials
A customer-oriented, customer-valueing society

A customer and goal-oriented
talent with decisive work ethic

Talent with planning abilities
and will for improvements who care about their co-workers' issues

Talent with issue-awareness,
swift action, and will toward cost-effective, top quality products
Research and Development
Talent with creative and challenging
will toward top quality technology and product development
Job Description
Management Support
Management Support helps the organization through treasury, purchase, HR, general affairs, planning works in order to support production and sales
Sales & Marketing
Our sales & marketing department take care of general customer services including sales and customer services. Through precise predictions of customer needs and unique strategies, it secures market leadership and has been showing remarkable achievements in both domestic and overseas markets
Our engineers play a key role in constructing plant facilities and improving them. For the sake of efficient plant operations, our engineering department takes care of machinery, electricity, equipments and construction as a team or handle domestic and overseas plant projects solely.
R&D is responsible for discovering new growth engines in the future through the development of new products in the field of materials for semiconductor and display processing and enhancement of portfolio. In addition, through the collection and analysis of domestic and overseas technical information, we carry out mid- to long-term research projects in connection with related organizations.
Production & Quality
"Our production engineers supervise the overall productioon processes including its management and improvement while our quality engineers guarantee top quality of each product meeting customers' needs. They also play a key role in improvement projects such as Monitoring, and Trouble shooting."
Supply Chain Management
Our SCM department plays a key role in delivering innovative distribution services including management of distribution subcontractors in order to achieve customer satisfaction